Should You Quit Your Job? 

Do you use your natural talents daily?
                     Does what you’re doing matters?

Are you thinking of quitting your job?

This can help you decide whether to do it. Quitting your job is a big decision. Do you have a good reason to quit?

You hate going to work most days … No! Make that every day.
Are you wondering whether it’s time to quit your job?
There are few people out there who, at one time or another, haven’t had the same thought. Sometimes that need to escape is the result of a sudden problem and other times it’s a feeling a long time coming. Quitting your job isn’t a decision you should make haphazardly though.

It generally has a big impact on your life and, therefore, you should give it careful consideration. Here are some situations when you may have to simply say, “I quit!”

Question: You are being asked to do things that are unethical or illegal.
Question: You are being asked to do things that are unethical or illegal.
Question: You want to quit your job and can afford to do so.
Question: You received a solid offer for a better job.
Question: Your boss has taken away many of your responsibilities.
Question: Your boss has stopped including you in important meetings.
Question: You have more experience than your job requires.
Question: Your job is interfering with family responsibilities.
Question: You are bored with your job. You’d like to have more responsibilities but know that you won’t on your current job.
Question: You have difficulty getting along with a co-worker.
Question: You don’t get along with your boss.
Question: You just had a disagreement with your boss.
Question: You received an unsatisfactory performance review.
Question: You don’t like the work you’re doing. You think it’s time for a career change.
Question: Your employer instituted some new policies with which you’re unhappy.
Question: Your long commute is getting to you.

However, you should seriously consider quitting your job, regardless of what your results say, if your job is making you physically ill or if your boss is asking you to do something unethical or illegal. If you really want to quit your job and you can either afford to do so, or if you have a solid offer for a better job, you can quit your job now.